How an icon is born.

Good design is not enough to be considered an excellence. An Italian icon must be able to convey a whole load of passion and emotions.
Something that you can only feel.

In 1925 - to satisfy the needs of his tennis player wife - the founder of Superga®, Walter Martiny, created one of the first sports shoes with vulcanized natural rubber sole.

At that time, tennis players used canvas shoes with a rope sole: Martiny created a cast of that rope sole and reproduced it in natural rubber, which was non-slip and resistant. It is from the irregular texture of the rope that the characteristic “orange peel” sole is born: the same that we still see under the 2750: for everyone, the classic Supergas.

The shoe is still one of the greatest examples of Italian design which gathered plenty of
appreciation around the world. In almost 100 years of history, the iconic white canvas - with its countless possibilities of customization - has enabled dozens of artists and designers to express their creativity.

The shoes you wear when you fall in love. The shoes you fall in love with.