The Birth of the Icon 2750  

To be an excellence, it takes more than just a beautiful design. An Italian icon must carry with it a load of passion and emotion. It must make itself loud.


The 2750 is the very essence of Italian elegance. Since 1925, each pair has been designed in Turin, the city where the first model was born. The classic 2750 is an icon of Italian design and always remains true to its roots. The cotton upper is a perfect canvas to be reinvented, offering the opportunity to create creative and original designs.


By itsnature, rubberhas innate flexibility. The rubber ofSuperga soles is obtained naturally, manually extracted from forests in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. Even today, rubber processing follows traditional techniques, ensuring high standards of elasticity and maximum quality.


Cotton, a renowned natural fiber, is still thecarefully selected material for the upper of the2750, representing a distinctive feature of Superga, with its unique texture that gives them an unparalleled identity.


Vulcanization is a clever process, and Superga was one of the pioneers in using this technique applied to shoes. This technology improves the resistance of rubber to adverse weather conditions, chemical agents, and abrasion, demonstrating Superga's constant dedication to innovation and the quality of its products.