Superga asked five Italian stylists to create a look with the 2643 Alpina Vegan Faux Leather, in the White and Total Black colors, to enhance the model'sversatility thanks to uniqueinterpretations.

Chiara Totire

Chiara Totire is the bohemian with unpredictable details. Stylist for Vogue Japan, she has grown up by keeping up with fashion. She loves to mix demanding clothes with a super relaxed style. 

For the Alpina 2643 she has thought of a look that is already iconic: a slim dress combined with a soft enveloping faux fur for a shabby chic look

She concludes the outfit with her classic make-up: soap and water. 

Sara Bianchini

Sara Bianchini is the definition of cool. Although very young, she is a stylist with a unique style. 

 Always poised between dark grunge and the desire to tell the world around with neutral fabrics, she could only choose the black Alpina 2643, for a total black look

The photographer is Pavel Golik from Siberia. 

Thais Montessori

Thais Montessori is love at first sight. Stylist of Levante, Cosmo and other celebrities, she is an icon in the world of fashion. 

From her style out of the box comes the chromatic play with the Alpina 2643 alternating in the Total Black and White variants and combined with bright color details, for a look that does not go unnoticed. 

The shots are by Ilaria Taschini, a Milanese photographer who loves female bodies. 

Diletta Bonaiuti

Diletta Bonaiuti is a fiorentine stylist who has conquered the street style scene

 For Superga she has composed an outfit that is as minimal as it’s super trendy with the Alpina 2643 in the White color and a black eco-leather jacket that brings us back to the 70s. 

Then playing with wide pants and terry socks, she transforms a simple outfit into a unique one. 

Yosephine Melfi

Yosephine Melfi, Giusi for friends, is a stylist passionate about subcultures and youth aesthetic. 

She chooses the 2643 Alpina Vegan Faux Leather in the White color, and combines it with an explosion of complementary colors on soft and enveloping fabrics, for a comfy style. 

The camera’s point of view  is from Stefy Pocket: the result is fashion