The Story of the most beloved Superga shoes: the 2750 Icons 

In 1925, Superga founder Walter Martiny notices the imprints left by his wife on the floor after her tennis matches. The shoes she wears have canvas soles, and due to this feature, they are slippery and do not last more than a few matches. Here comes the insight: to apply the technique introduced by Charles Goodyear for tires in the late nineteenth century to a shoe. Thus, the world's first sports shoe with vulcanized rubber sole is born: the classic 2750, destined to become an icon! It is precisely from the irregular texture that the unmistakable "orange peel" sole is born, the same one that still characterizes the 2750 today: for everyone, the classic Superga.

The Classic 2750

Since 1925, the 2750s have been a timeless icon worldwide. Their distinctive cotton upper, which makes them extremely versatile, has over the years been enriched with a wide range of shades and tones. Available in various versions, it is the classic variant that remains the most beloved Superga by Italians, and beyond.

The 2750 OG

The Superga 2750 OG looks to the authentic and essential aesthetics of the archive model, from which it takes its name OG – “original”. The 2750 OG model distinguishes itself from the Classic 2750 for the closure with seven eyelets, the higher foxing, and the dimensions of the insole that give a more masculine cut to the silhouette. Characterized by a warm color palette, they are also available in the Herringbone version, the seasonal variation with a herringbone-patterned upper.